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Instagram- kuvat #13, PART 1

Tosiaan edellisestä Instagram- postauksesta on vierähtänyt hieman aikaa ja sen aikana etenkin onedirection tunnus on aktivoitunut, joten kuvia on myös paljon. Eli nyt olis tulossa päivitettyä Instagram- postausta muutamassa osassa.


Thank you Canada! Detroit we're coming to get you!

Detroit what?


Thank you Detroit!

Backstage ping pong #kansascity

ankle & toe tickling pre show in Kansas City!




Happy Birthday!!! & thank you Houston Texas... You guys are LOUD!!!

Louis & Niall from behind the stage looking out in Dallas TEXAS!!!

Louis forgot to have his dinner tonight, so...... next best thing

Zayn & the boys on B stage - Dallas TEXAS!!

we LOVE all your banners & signs.. Thank you Dallas!! X

the calm before the storm... Denver can we make this the loudest show yet???!!!

Niall lost in the lights! DENVER!!!

Harry in Denver during teenage dirtbag!!

Niall steaming his whites!

wazzzzup! Harry on stage SALT LAKE CITY!!!

Zayn - Salt Lake City!!!

Harry trying to grind a scooter on an armchair

Eddie Vedder popped by to say hi!

Niall just before he squirted the camera with water out his mouth


Liam on stage in SEATTLE

Niall in San Jose tonight!!

San Jose!!! Best Song Ever #firsttimever

Oakland sound check!! Get ready for the show!

One Direction is raiding Oakland right now!!!

Niall with his axe at Vegas sound check!!

Heading to stage Vegas!!!

Under the stage view....VEGAS

A moment for you! #moments

Signing the tour fridge backstage @sarahskitchen01

What could you want "More Than This" Vegas

We can see you in the back, the left side, right side, and on the floor! Thanks Vegas for another great show!

Crazy Mofo's welcome the newest member of the channel 4 news team!

Here we go San Diego!!!

Liam in action!!

San Diego is insane!!!

Get your lights out SD

Thanks for everything San Diego! Next stop LA Wednesday!!

We're Back For You tomorrow LA!

@harrystyles is so excited for the LA shows we had to drag him off the stage

I Would LA

Here we go LA


Zayn burnin up LA

Here they come B stage

What a show LA can't wait to do it again!!!!

Show two tomorrow!!!

Show two LA!!!

LA's got that One Thing

Twitter time!!!

Hovering for the back row!!!

Thanks America for a great tour!!! Two more shows to go!!!

EMos killing it.


Night three LA!!!

Quick change!!!!

We're coming back out LA!!!

Teenage Kicks!!!

Harry and Liam....LA 2013 show three. Rock Me!!!

One more America!!!! USA USA thanks for everything!!!!

Thanks so much North America!!!

Show 4 LA!!!

LA LA LA!!!!

Things are looking up...right up to the stage

What a night

Thanks LA for four great nights!!!

Teen Choice spontaneity!! What a tune!!!!

4 mins TCA

Miss you already North America!!! See you at the premiere!!!

@teenvogue sept issue on stands now?

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